FAQs for the newest paranormal romance writer on the scene

How long have you been a writer?

I have kept a journal since I was 17 years old. As far as fiction goes, I wrote my first book –– in chicken scratch long hand –– when I was in 5th-ish grade. I seriously began to write for pleasure nearly a decade ago when I did my first NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month). Over the past nine years, I’ve managed to complete the 50,000-word challenge five times. Thus, I have five hot NANO messes to my name. Well… four hot messes: Bound By Fate (A Novel of the Strong, Book 1) is my first full length, painstakingly edited paranormal romance novel. I fully intend on editing and publishing the other four some day. I think they’ve each got a little sumthin’ sumthin’ going on.

Is Bound By Fate part of a paranormal romance series?

Yes! That’s the plan. Currently, I have nine possible stories in play for the Strong –– basically almost a full decade of tales to tell, so please stick with me. Each will be a standalone piece with known characters woven into the story, as appropriate, for extra flavor.

For those who have already read Bound By FateYES! I have every intention of chronicling our favorite witch Mandy’s madcap adventures in her own book. Stay tuned…

If you haven’t yet read the first book of the Strong and don’t know of which witch we speak… get your copy today!

FAQs Paranormal Romance

How often do you plan to publish?

My goal is to have a new book out every twelve months or so. The next installment of the Strong series is due out Spring 2017. I may publish additional books as time permits. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter to keep up with what’s going on.

Why paranormal romance?

Honestly, I love the idea of just making stuff up. The genre has always appealed to me because it stretches the limits of imagination and takes you outside of what’s “normal.” It’s fun to write.

Do you plan on writing books outside of paranormal romance?

Yes. I have an entirely separate series planned outside of the adventures of the Strong. I would describe the other series as Contemporary / Urban Romance, with a splash of Special Forces. I also have plans to edit and publish a completely standalone, more mainstream book that I wrote a couple of years ago. It’s a crime thriller called “Dead Bankers.

Is Knickerbocker your real last name?

Luckily, yes. It’s cool, right? I was fortunate enough to marry into it, so I’m going to use it for all it’s worth.