Bound By Fate, a Paranormal Romance, Now Available (Again!)

Thursday, November 17th, 2016 and is filed under News/Announcements

What started out as twenty-nine pages of notes furiously scribbled during a weather delay at the Denver airport, is now available on and a whole lotta other places.

How freaking cool is that?

At long last, Bound By Found, my debut paranormal romance novel, has been re-launched into the world through Dark Hollows Press, my intrepid new publishing partner.

And I could not be more excited!


It’s fun to look back now and see how closely the finished product follows my original outline––and where it completely diverges. Most notably, Bound By Fate has a completely different ending than what I initially envisioned. Well, that and I ended up changing the name of my main character––quite the shock to the system, indeed, after “living” with “someone” every day for well over a year. Tosh became Toran because, according to the first of my four editors (a quintessentially stuffy British Dude named Niles), “Tosh” meant “rubbish” in his native tongue. Having a main character ostensibly named Garbage was no good for nobody! Derp. So, Toran was born.

From a brand new ending (and last minute scrambling for a suitable hero’s name) to fleshing out fun subplots and sussing out supporting characters, every step forward was an incredible learning experience that, hopefully, has paved the way to bigger and better stories in the future.

What I learned was this: Writing is like figuring out a 2,000-piece jigsaw puzzle––the kind my family huddles together over at Christmas––where the tiles are all jumbled up inside my head. All told, it took me about fourteen months to figure out all the pieces for Bound By Fate.

Today, I’m forging forward on Book 2 of The Strong, Bound By Fury. It’s the story of a daemon outcast who meets his match in the form of an ordinary girl who’s willing to risk freedom itself for a chance at love. It’s not yet the story of Mandy and Merus (I’m still percolating on how that’s going to play out***) or Kellen searching for the present day incarnation of his murdered wife (that one’s close and promises to be a doozy!), but it’s the story that I’m ready to tell right now, and I think you’ll love it. Rhahm (the hero) is a total badass ready to rock your world. 😉

Bound By Fury is due out early summer 2017.

***Stay tuned for an update on this. I’m thinking about releasing some bonus material in the next few weeks…