Amy is a happy camper now that her site is up (and her book is published)

Thursday, March 24th, 2016 and is filed under News/Announcements

Welcome readers!

JUNE 4, 2016 UPDATE: I am excited to announce that I have been offered a publishing contract for Bound By Fate, and I have accepted it! Bound By Fate is scheduled to be re-released through Dark Hollows Press sometime in Fall of 2016.

This website, and my debut novel, Bound By Fate (A Novel of the Strong, Book 1) are a long time coming and I owe tons of people thanks. I am so grateful for all the support I’ve gotten to make this dream of mine a reality. Specifically I’d like to say:

  • Thank you to my wonderful husband Mike for putting up with the crazy that came with writing this book. I am so incredibly lucky to have a partner in life who says “Sure! Spend countless hours locked away writing something you refuse to even tell me about. Knock yourself out.” Seriously, this was awesome and exactly what I needed as I struggled through my fears and insecurities. I love you. (I finally did man up and let him read the damn thing.)
  • Hugs and kisses to my best friend Andrea –– my partner in crime. Her unshakable support, honest assessments, and ass-kicking ways helped keep me focused on getting published. She flat-out refused to let me talk myself out of it. Throughout this process, she has stepped up (as always) to help with anything I need –– from book cover design to beta reading to this gorgeous website you’re gazing at right now. She is so talented and so hardworking, I wake up every day thanking my lucky stars she’s in my life.
  • A big thanks to Jefferson Gaskin, my editor at First Editing. His expertise and encouraging words have helped me publish a polished product, helping me put my best writing foot forward.
  • Lastly, thank you to my beta readers, Donna and Allison. You both were instrumental in helping me get over my freakish phobia of being a writer who was afraid of being read. Why looky there… the world didn’t end…

Now that the important business of thank you’s is out of the way, let me tell you what you can expect from my blog. From how the writing’s going to recipes to whatever, this is where I’ll be posting (from time to time) my musings… just in case you’re interested. If you’re not, no biggie. I just think it’ll be fun to have a blog.

If reading my blog isn’t your bag, please consider following me on Twitter and/or Facebook to keep in touch. Though I can’t promise I’ll be super active (I’ve got books to write!), I’ll be sure to post important updates like when I’ve got a new blog out, reviews, and (of course) new book releases. I’ll probably also post a bunch of photos of my cats. Consider yourselves warned.