Available November 17, 2016!

Dark Hollows Press

Bound by Fate

To Toran, fate means everything. Unfortunately, his fate has him squarely by the balls…

“This novel kicks a**. Seriously, this is one of the best books that I have read since I’ve been editing… It was moving, funny, and sexy as all hell. The biggest challenge for me while working on it was having to keep reminding myself to edit! I kept getting caught along by the story.” – Jefferson G., First Editing


A sizzling new paranormal romance

The Mythos: a haphazard array of parallel worlds running in tandem with modern-day earth –– and home to the daemon Strong.

It is within these mythical ‘els that Amy Knickerbocker’s debut paranormal romance confronts head-on the questions of strength, duty, and destiny… and how if you don’t fight for what you really want, you might just deserve everything so-called “fate” shoves down your throat.

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